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Exterior Painting with a Factory Finish

Pass on the physically taxing project of painting outside in 100-degree weather to Paragon Painting and Decking Inc in Jacksonville, Florida. Operating for 20 years, we offer top-quality exterior painting services with the ability to paint or refinish almost anything.

Man Painting and a Blue-Colored House

A Better Method of Painting

We believe that applying paint with rollers or brushes is passe and old fashioned, so every one of our projects is performed utilizing sprayers and spraying technique set by distributors guidelines. The exterior of your property, including the windows, is prepped with plastic and tape to create perfectly straight edges. Where possible we remove all exterior lights, downspouts, and then any other appendage that can be removed from the main building. We also apply a bond coat which effectively is a glue and it offers integrity to the original paint surface to prepare it for absorbing the new application of paint. This gives us a solid base to work from and makes the final results look like glass and offers a factory finish to our customers.

Preferred Paint Brand

We use products manufactured by PPG Paints because they were the forerunner in the production of the patents for elastomeric paint. The density and weight of elastomeric paint requires a special sprayer and pump to apply on surfaces, as it has an elongation factor of 300%. This will allow it to expand and contract with the building as it heat and cools. In doing this any potential cracks up to 1/8 of an inch will never reappear, due to its ability to bridge potential imperfections. Typically elastomeric paint is applied at 80 square feet per gallon, as opposed to commercial grade paint at 3-400 square feet per gallon. Needless to say in applying elastomeric paint at this thickness produces a luxurious vinyl finish.